I remember as a college student returning home to Maryland and visiting churches for the first time. Although I am an extrovert the thought of going to a new church was stressful and unnerving. The first week I went, the pastor came down the aisle, stopped next to me, had me stand and introduce myself. Talk about “Wanna get away?” The following week, I returned to the same church. This time I sat in the balcony in the hopes of hiding and just melting into the scene. Would you believe it? The pastor again came down the aisle, looked into the balcony and by name welcomed me back!
Despite the embarrassment, I attended that church all summer until I had to go back to school.

Although we will not have you stand up and share your name with all of us; and although we will not shine a spotlight on you, we pray that you received a warm welcome and that in some way you feel like you have returned home.

We all were new, at one time, and we remember what it’s like. So come see us for a “Newcomers Information Package”, and we’ll get you some information knowing that it’s easier to venture into a new place when you know what to expect.

Again, we are so glad that you chose to worship with us today, or if you haven’t visted Summit Heights yet we look forward to meeting you!

The Summit Heights Family


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