Family Life Committee

The Family Life Team is committed to furthering the spiritual life of the church family by sponsoring various activities throughout the year.  We start off the year by having a “Birthday Party” pot luck dinner where we celebrate EVERYONE’S birthday.  The members of the congregation sit with others who have a birthday during the same birthday month.  It is a time of great fellowship and offers an opportunity for people to meet others that they might not know.

We have other pot luck dinners that highlight other church activities or yearly events, such as the beginning of summer vacation and Vacation Bible School, and the end of summer and the beginning of school.  We take those opportunities to help our community by bringing school supplies to donate to the various ministries that our church supports.  We also have two to three catered meals to celebrate the Easter and Thanksgiving/Christmas seasons.

Summit Heights has many activities that occur on Wednesday evenings.  To get the night off right, the Family Life Team is in charge of arranging for an evening meal at a minimal charge.

The highlight of every fall is the annual Fall Festival, which is sponsored by the Family Life Team.  This festival provides an opportunity for venders, donors and various groups from the church to gather together and not only sell their wares, but also fellowship and serve the community.   The Festival is attended by hundreds of people. Family Life Committee is also responsible for the development of the church directory.  This is done approximately every five years.

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